Full Wave - Timedomain 2D/3D

Outputs of the solution are:

  • Plot: Magnetic Fluxdensity, Magnetic Fieldstrength, Electric Fieldstrength, Current Density, Eddy Current Losses Density, Vectorpotential, Nodal Force - virtual, Nodal Moment - virtual, Forcedensity - virtual, Lorentz Force, Poynting Vector. 
  • Table: Total Force - virtual, Total Moment - virtual, Total Lorentz Force, Electrode Voltage, Electrode Current, Voltage on Circuits, Current on Circuits, Power on Circuits, Eddy Current Losses.
  • 4D Fields:  Force - virtual NodeID Table, Forcedensity - virtual XYZ Table, Lorentz Force NodeID Table.
  • Coupled Thermal: Temperature.
  • Coupled Structural: Structural Deformation.


Wind Turbine Tower Lightning Strikes



Electric Field Formulation

The Full Wave Solver takes into account all terms of Maxwell's equations. Due to this the wavelength can be smaller than the analyzed part dimensions and even very high frequencies are allowed. In the time domain results are the electric and magnetic field for every time step.

The basis equations:
(1)           rot h = j + dt d
(2)           rot e = -dt b
(3)           b = m h
(4)           d = ε e
(5)           s e

+Silver-Müller radiaton condition at infinity (outgoing waves) 

Electric field formulation:
(6)        rot rot e + s m dt e + e m dt2 e = 0

The Electric field equation can be solved in the time- or frequency domain.