High Voltage

Some projects and their results in the area of high voltage analysis are presented on the following pages.

Electrical Feedthrough


 Wind Turbine Tower Lightning Strikes

High voltage differences between conductor and isolator may lead to the risk of electric arc appearence. Therefore a FEM Analysis is performed to locate the position of a possible fault. Read full article

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Lightning strikes that occur in wind turbine towers can be analyzed to help for dimensioning of arrestors and to estimate the electric and magnetic field strengths that appear.

This example shows how this kind of analysis can be done in Magnetics for NX/Simcenter. The tower is made of steel bars that conduct the lightning current down into the ground. Inside is a cable with an resistor in which we want to analyze the specific energy. Read full article

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Deforming Conductors


In this example two current carrying conductors and a permanentmagnet are examined for the force acting on them. The nodal forces (Lorenzforces) are calculated in Magnetics for NX/Simcenter. Then the forces are transfered into a structural analysis where we calculate for deformations. Read full article

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