Some projects and their results in the area of electronics are presented on the following pages.

Transformer Analysis


 EMC on a Carbon Fiber Shielded Circuit Breaker

This example deals with a three phase medium power transformer. Goal is to find the main characteristics e.g. power and efficiency under normal operating conditions. Read full article.

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This example shows a FEM analysis of a Circuit Breaker that is placed in a carbon fiber box. Induced eddy currents and the shielding effect are investigated. Read full article.

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 HV Transformer


Transformer Lamination Losses Analysis

FEM Analysis of the induced eddy currents in the plates and the stationary temperature and other results. Read full article.

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The field and eddy losses in the core which is made of laminated electro sheets shall be computed. Read full article.

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Transformer at Villard Circuit


 RJ45 Connector

In this example we show a FEM analysis of a transformer that is coupled with a 1D Villard circuit containing diodes and capacitors. The resulting voltage is influenced by loss effects (nonlinear saturation and leakage inductance). Read full article.

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    FEM Analysis of the DC current flowing through the connector. Computing the value for the ohm resistance. Read full article.

Inductivity Analysis of Power Electronics

   This part of a power electronics assembly shall be modified to reduce the inductivity. So we perform an dynamic analysis to find the inductivity value. Read full article.